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A few racists on Facebook felt the need to share their opinion, reblog so future employers can find this post when searching their names in google.
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Works at United States Marine Corp
Studied at Wake Forest University
Lives in Norwood, North Carolina


Went to West Stanley High School
Studied at Stanly Community College
Lives in Midland, North Carolina

Lynda Scott

Lives in North Carolina

Snezhanna Granados Black (what is her real name?

Went to West Stanly High
Lives in Midland, North Carolina

It hurts that they live in North Carolina. Just… kill me please.

Just reblogging for some good ol’ search engine ranking improvement. You’re welcome guys!

“I’m not racist buuut…..”

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Gina Torres: “The world likes their Latinas to look Italian” and poor Jessy had me dyiiinnnn “What you want me to do, you want me to salsa while I speak?… Damn, i didn’t know how to be Latino, thank you for explaining that to me” that is horribly hilarious.  Hollywood treats their ethnic ppl like shit :/

I can relate all too well to this, having to go to ESL classes at 6am before all the other kids in 2nd grade in Indiana, where I was “Mexican” bc no one knew where/what Venezuela was. #ignorance

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